1. Which web browsers are supported by Title1.Tools?

Title1.Tools works best with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Currently, some of the features do not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer and therefore users must avoid using it at this time.

We will be updating this question from time to time, as new versions of the above web browsers are constantly being released to users.

2. When I am trying to attach a file to a benchmark, the file is not uploaded. What am I doing wrong?
This is most likely because you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. Switch to another web browser (see question #1) and try again.

3. When selecting a file for upload, the file name is preceded by "C:\fakepath" which is not a folder on my computer. Why is that?
This is a security feature in new web browsers that have support for the HTML5 web standard (all major browsers currently support it). You can change the settings to show the real folder name on your computer by adding apps.charter-tools.com to your list of trusted web sites.

4. I cannot download any files from Title1.Tools; even files that I uploaded. What is going on?
This is most likely due to a special content filtering software that your IT department installed to protect your network from malicious software. This software prevents users from downloading files from web sites that were not approved by your IT department. In order to resolve this issue, your IT manager must add the following Internet domain names to the list of approved / authorized web sites:
  • s3.amazonaws.com
  • title1.tools